As a teenager I felt that I could use my hands to initiate positive changes in other people, and later it became clear that I could also ‘see’ information about people. Guided by an inner spirituality, I knew early on that healing in a field of unconditional love was my calling.

Meetings with spiritual teachers, among others in the USA, and longer stays in India at Arunachala have supported me in deepening tradition-free meditation, which for me is the foundation of my life and work.

After having accompanied people first pedagogically and therapeutically with many different life issues, I have been working as a free healer in my own practice since 2009. It is a deep joy for me to support people in their connection to being and to accompany them in their process of healing.

Note: My offer does not replace medical advice from a doctor or alternative practitioner. My activity is based exclusively on spiritual strength. The treatment does not take place on a medical, but on a purely spiritual basis. My help is a spiritual process and not an activity in the medical sense.

Born 1974 in Stuttgart

Diploma in social pedagogy

Practice for healing work since 2009


NARM developed by Laurence Heller for developmental trauma (Uta Academy Cologne, graduation April 2022)

Somatic Experiencing developed by Dr. Peter Levine for accident and shock trauma (Uta Academy Cologne, 2016)

Integral Somatic Psychotherapy (ISP) developed by Dr. Dr. Raja Selvam (Uta Academy Cologne, 2014)

Systemic Solution-Oriented Therapy (North German Institute for Brief Therapy Bremen, 2002)

Body Harmony Bodywork with Don McFarland (2008)

 Further training in hypnosis (according to Milton Erikson)

Many years of professional experience with women (women-specific issues), children, adolescents, families and people with disabilities

Meditation practice for over 25 years

Seminars and retreats with spiritual teachers (Renate Busam, Eckhart Tolle, Toni Packer, Karl Renz, Ramesh Balsekar and others)