hibiskus-Heilarbeit-Beatrice Brehl
“The key to true healing may lie in grasping the meaning of the disease.“
~Rüdiger Dahlke

Often on our healing journey we try to find out what is causing our symptoms or problems and what we need to come back to our center.

Through mindful touch and presence, unconsciously stored feelings and thought patterns that have manifested in the body as symptoms reveal themselves. When we understand the meaning of our symptoms they give us important clues about our life issues and how to resolve them.


In an atmosphere in which everything is allowed to be and is lovingly accepted, a healing process can be set in motion in which what has been split off can be reintegrated and the energy in the body can flow freely again.

Healing work in silence can work on all levels – physical, psychological, emotional and the level of the subtle body. Often recovery, regeneration and reorganization occur on a deep level.

Healing work can help in crises and life upheavals to recognize our needs and find a new direction. In relationship conflicts, the treatment can enable a deeper understanding of ourselves and the other.

In addition, healing work can be a support on the spiritual path.

This free, non-traditional way of healing is not based on a method, but on the healing power of silence. In a treatment, the issues and processes that are ready to come to the surface to be healed always show up.

Note: My offer does not replace medical advice from a doctor or alternative practitioner. My activity is based exclusively on spiritual strength. The treatment does not take place on a medical, but on a purely spiritual basis. My help is a spiritual process and not an activity in the medical sense.